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Zanzibar Burlap Tote
Zanzibar Burlap Tote


Zanzibar Burlap Tote

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A linen fabric tote, in a deep charcoal hue, that goes with everything.


Wear it in the crook of your arm with a bright midi dresses or pair it with relaxed denim. It fits laptops, workout wear and is the type of shopper you'll always want to have on-hand. 

More Information

Designer Annah Chakola, lives between the US and Kerala. A pioneer of upcycled jewelry and bags- she was the first Indian women to have her products sold in Wholefoods. 

Born to a family with over 150 years heritage in the textile industry, it was her father’s death and her mother taking charge of the business, to ensure the family’s economic survival, that led to Annah and her brother meeting makers and artisans from all over the subcontinent at a young age.

Annah now works to preserve traditional craftsmanship methods through forming sustainable partnerships. She hand-picks vintage textiles and high vibrational semi-precious stones, so that each piece tells a unique story.