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Kwansha Beauty Coin


Kwansha Beauty Coin

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A first of its kind, the Kwansha Beauty Coin is a custom designed facial massage tool.  Hand finished by our master artisans in the craft of “kansa” metal making, an ancient healing metal in Ayurveda, our Kwansha Beauty Coin brings vitality, radiance and health for beautiful skin from the inside out.

The Kwansha Beauty Coin works on the skin, underlying connective tissues, and the bio electric, magnetic and energetic prana fields of our body. Draws out pitta and heat, acidity, blockages, impurities and toxins from the skin and the system. A facial massage with the Kwansha Beauty Coin aids micro circulation, promoting oxygen rich blood flow to the skin, imparting a luminous glow!

Designed to bring balance and symmetry to the face, our Kwansha Beauty Coin will lift, tone and bring elasticity and suppleness to skin with regular use.

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"I was born and raised in Pune, India in a very nurturing, communal neighbourhood. I want to impact social change by supporting livelihoods and empowering women through fair trade and not aid."

Kavita Khosa, Founder

Kavita Khosa is a world-expert in Ayurveda. Her approach to beauty and wellness does not rely on quick fixes or chemical solutions - instead, she believes that for the external to be beautiful, the internal must be in balance. Her plant and mineral based formulas are wild, harvested in the Himalayas at an altitude of over 7000 feet and give instant results.