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Sjal Skincare

"We wanted to develop a luxury skincare line that was simple to use, highly effective on all skin types and most importantly, founded on holistic principles. Our challenge has been balancing science, nature, wellness and beauty in a way that is intuitive, and functional for a modern lifestyle." KAREN AND KRISTIN PETROVICH själ CO-FOUNDERS 

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Kani Botanicals

"Kani is a labor of love. I started it for myself to solve my own skin problems, and then more people liked it, so, it kind of just happened." Founder Stephanie Guerra

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French Girl

"I am obsessed with ingredients and was so frustrated I couldn't find ANY high quality creams that were cleanly-made. I had to create one that promoted self-love and was beautiful to use as well as organic and natural."  Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, Founder

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One Over One

"I never saw make-up in store that spoke to me as a women. I'm not a teenager. I'm not interested in watching how to do smokey eyes on Youtube. One Over One was designed with a minimalistic mindset. Simplicity is beautiful." Jennifer White, founder 

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Thirty One Bits

We began 31 Bits with a simple idea: To give artisans dignified job opportunities by making products that women would buy. Sounds simple, but it took passion, grit, and most of all customers like you who have followed along since the beginning. Kallie, Alli, Jessie, Anna, and Brooke

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